Puget Sound Business Listings


Aegis Technology Systems  (Computer Telephony)
AmeriVox - World Telecom Group (distributor of renewable prepaid phonecards)
AT&T Wireless Services (wireless communications services)
AirTouch Cellular  
Avalon Communications (computer, phone cable and associated equipment for small offices and residences)
Aznet (international callback services)
Business Telecom Products  (headsets)
Diversified TeleCom Inc. (custom call center solutions)
Duracom, Inc.  (Voice & Data network cabling)
Electric LightWave
GCMI Long Distance Services and Products (discount long-distance services)
GRACE Network (communications tools, shareware, and data searching tools)
Gruppe Telekom (wireless communications services)
Hoag Electronics Inc. (design and development of new electronic products for the industrial control and wireless radio industries)
ICOM America Inc. (manufacturer of amateur and commercial radio equipment)
Kallback (call-reorigination service provider)
Lucent Technologies
NetAmerica (National Tier 1 Internet Service Provider)
Never Alone On Hold 
PacNet (data communications services)
Power Inc. (cellular phone products)
PrimeCall (international telephone services)
Send Help (computer telephone intergration infomation and software)
SGC Transceivers (manufacturer of high frequency radio equipment)
Sound Network Solutions, (Complete network services; consulting, design, installation, administration and maintenance)
Tel America Associates (marketer of prepaid long-distance calling cards)
Telephone Messeging on-hold
Tone Commander (telephone equipment manufacturer)
US West
US West Dex  (Phone Book)
US West Proposed Rate Increase

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