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Geoffrey Castle
Out From Underneath


9:00 PM
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Archiving Early America (early American maps and newspapers)
Around The World Records
Art Access (discussion, review, and calendar information about Northwest arts and theatre)
Artwood: A Gallery of Fine Woodworking (cooperative gallery in Bellingham)
AudioControl (manufacturer of home, car and professional audio components)
Autumn Lane Music & Books (music and poetry by composer/author Harlan Michael)
Bear Creek Studio
  Phone..(425) 481-4100

Music video Geoffrey Castle & Out From Underneath

Bellingham Internet Music Archive (comprehensive music directory of Bellingham area bands, musicians, studios, recording and sound services)
Broadway Video (video rental and movie database)
Early Music Guild of Seattle (info on early mucic)
Fifth Avenue Theatre
Great Wall Books & Arts
Jazz Alley (fine dining and jazz venue)
Lion Dog Music Studio  206-322-1601 for an appointment
Lump Head Studio  
Music Scene International
Musicians Network (musicians organization)
Northwest Sinfonietta
One Reel/Bumbershoot (information on Bumbershoot, Summer Nights at the Pier, and Family Fourth)

What would it be like to never leave your house? What would it be like, that no matter how afraid you became, you just couldn't leave the house?  Can you imagine?  Sidnie Jensen can.  And strange things have started happening to Sidnie, but she isn't sure if they are real.  Nothing seems real to her anymore.  And unknown to her, millions of people are watching her every move.  Millions of voyeurs are online, helping decide events in her life, and watching how she reacts, with fear, frustration, and confusion.  Her life, is a WEBCAST, but she has no idea.  She thinks she is going Crazy.  WEBCAST is a psychological thriller that will have you wondering......Who's watching YOU!?

Out From Underneath   ( 206-817-4440,  the next great band from Seattle )
Pacific Northwest Ballet
Pacific Northwest Chamber Chorus
Pamela Eaton-Ford
, Photographer
Paradox Studios 
Professional Entertainment Consultants
Recollection Used Books
Robert Puff Music (music services company with feature film credits)
Savoy Swing Club (promotes and preserves Lindy Hop, a swing dance dating from Harlem in the 1930s and 1940s)
Seattle Arts Commission (art events, job listings, funding, exhibit opportunities and classes)
Seattle Choral Co. (choral ensemble)
Seattle Folklore Society (folk music and arts promotion and performance)
Seattle Music, Audio & Entertainment Resources
Seattle Symphony (Seattle Symphony information)
Seattle Watercolors (Pike Place Market shop featuring watercolor artwork, calendars, and notecards)
Sonarchy (Jack Straw Foundation's global world of sound and culture)
Stella Cameron (author of historical romance novels)
Studio Litho 
206-632-8157 for Booking or Information
Sub Pop Records (record label)
Subtext (Northwest poetry resource)
Susan Court (Seattle musician)
Synergy Productions
Redmond WA Audio Recording
Thalia Symphony (community orchestra)
The Paramount Theatre (entertainment venue)
University Bookstore

Webcast CD
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Webcast CD
Webcast Movie Soundtrack

1- Webcast
2- Excuses
3- Over
4- Waste
5- With you
6- Finished
7- Happy
8- Down the road
9- I feel
10- Addicted
11- Walking through the park (Reprise)
12- (hidden track)
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