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  1. dan_public

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    I need to install some shut-off valves in four inbound copper pipes from the main feeder pipe to the bathroom, and to connect deck-mounted tub filler and valves to the inbound copper pipe. Because of the location and the tight space, I thought of using PEX - specifically Zurn PEX.

    I've heard of an issue with PEX in general and an issue with Zurn PEX...

    First, one fellow told me that I had to be a licensed plumber to install PEX in this area (East King County). Is this true?

    Second, I've read about a class action suit against ZURN because it's brass fittings are failing. Is this true? Would ZURN's brass fittings be a problem in the this area?

    Thanks for any feedback.


  2. 99k

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    As far as Im aware, you are allowed to do what you want in your own home and do not have to be licensed.
    Zurn brass has too much zinc (30%) in it and is being dissolved by aggressive water and hence failing. Stay away from Zurn and use a fitting with less than 1% zinc also known as bronze.
  3. dan_public

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    Thanks. I'd be happy to do that but I can't find a local vendor that sells PEX around here except the big box stores. And they sell Zurn fittings. Any suggestions for a local vendor in the Seattle area? Also, are there any bronze fittings available that are compatible with a Zurn crimping tool? (I have a Zurn crimping tool.)


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  4. Hire a licensed and insured plumber. His work comes with professional grade products, a real warranty, and peace of mind.
  5. Dahlman

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    Ditto Sandpiper.

    Not because I'm questioning your ability dan_public, but rather because you have concerns about the suitability of products for your application relative to the conditions in your area. The person who will know the most about that will be a professional.

    A licensed plumber has experience and that, as MasterCard likes to say, is priceless. ;)
  6. hj

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    If you have problems with copper fittings used with PEX, then you might also have a problem with copper tubing, since the same water flows through both of them. IF your copper is not deteriorating, then I would not be too worried about the Zurn fittings. The bronze fittings, like the plastic ones, reduce the internal diameter of the tubing at the connections more than I am comfortable with.
  7. dan_public

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    I have no problem with copper. I can use copper, but where it's located, PEX would be easier.

    Regarding PEX, AFAIK the metal fittings only come in brass or bronze. And it's the brass fittings that are failing.

    I've given up on PEX. I'm taking the PEX tools back and will use copper.

    Thanks for the help.

  8. kingsotall

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    Give up on Zurn PEX.
    Rely on Uponor/Wirsbo.
  9. cacher_chick

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