World's Hottest Peppers

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    I have been growing Habanero for Whole Foods for some time now; We never made a ton of money doing this, and over the past 2 years I have had about 7 phone calls asking about Ghost peppers, Scorpion peppers, etc...etc

    Well, this year I bought seeds for the hottest Peppers in the World; Including the Newest record holder. "The Carolina Reaper", Ghost (Bhut Jolokia), Yellow Ghost, Giant Ghost, 2 different Scorpion peppers, and a few more really hot and tasty peppers.

    All these are in propagation and are almost ready to be placed in the greenhouse. I look forward to sharing images and data about the growth of these pepper cultivars as it becomes available. Thanks for reading.

    note: I had unusually poor germination with these peppers; so my supply will be limited. I planned on around 200+ peppers, and I have about 20. The seed company replaced all; As good reputable seed companies will, and I will work them into the spring grow.

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