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  1. r_2016

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    Hi, I am thinking of having an alarm installed in my house and I was wondering if they sell a pipe that I could put around my phone line that goes into my house to protect it from being cut, kind of like the conduit that feeds the service panel. I have a fiber optic line (fios) coming into the house so insted of a whole pipe I would need something that looked like a C that could cover the wire and screw to the siding and maybe extend up about 10 or 12 feet or so. Anyone have any ideas. Thanks
  2. jimbo

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    I am sure if you go to an electrical supply house, there are products just like that available. But, if you have a bandsaw, you could take a piece of 1" PVC and slice it lengthwise, then use some plastic pipe straps to anchor it to the side of the house. PVC can be painted to match the house.
  3. Mikey

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    I'm surprised they didn't run the entire FIOS line in innerduct -- that brightly colored corrugated HDPE or PVC conduit that they're holding the country together with these days. That's what I'd use. It comes either whole or slit, with or without a pull rope already installed. I'd also disconnect the fiber at the house and pull it through the duct, rather than using the slit stuff.


    If you're going to run it up the side of the house, though, you may not want a bright orange pipe, although it would make the neighbors bright green with envy.
  4. jwelectric

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    North Carolina
    If I am going to cut your phone lines to disable your alarm there is not much that can be done to stop me.

    I have a wirless phone in my alarm system that is independant to the house phone just for this reason. It has a battey back up and will work no matter what.
  5. hj

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    If you are worried about the line being cut, then the only way to make it difficult, (there is no way to make it impossible), would be to enclose it in a heavy wall steel pipe. Anything else could be cut with a pair of bolt cutters, which any half way decent burglar would have.
  6. Mikey

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    A neighbor around the corner was apparently known to keep large amounts of cash in his house to pay his workers on Fridays. One Thursday night a while ago he got back home to find his super-secure gun safe broken into. The guns were laid out neatly on the floor, but it was adios to the cash. The tool used by the perps, according to the sheriff, was a battery-powered chop-saw type device, which went through the steel sides of the safe like they were plywood. There's little you can do to defend yourself against the scumbags these days.
  7. jdoll42

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    I've seen a small business that had this exact problem. Their solution was to work with the local telco and had them run a buried wire into the business, but leave the old wiring on the outside of the building. Now, should someone decide to cut the phone lines, they will be cutting the old wires. The new ones are buried beneath them completely out-of-sight.

    However, probably the most failsafe way is to get a cell phone backup for your alarm system. That way when the phone lines and power lines are cut, your system still has a way to make an outgoing phone call.
  8. spetrucco

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    What you are looking for is used in the telecom industry on telephone poles. They are made of plastic or galvanized steel.
    It is called a U-Guard and comes in different diameters at 8ft lengths. You will need the corresponding straps to secure it to the house.
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