Winterizing hot water heating sysems

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    General question about winterizing plumbing in homes that have a hot water heating system (any type of hot water boiler or geothermal system for hot water baseboard or radiant floor heat). I most commonly see Weil McLain boilers, though newer direct vent systems are showing up such as Lochinvar and others. Though I realize that hot water boiler systems can be drained and winterized, I am asking about a scenario where the household plumbing is winterized, but the hot water heat system is not. For example, HUD/Fannie Mae and others direct property managers to drain and winterize plumbing, but leave heat on (at a low setting).

    Almost any heating system I have seen that circulates hot water for heat will have a make-up water supply line from the plumbing system.

    Question is: How much water do most hot water heat systems actually draw from the make-up water supply? If the plumbing water supply is completely shut down, say for a 6 month period, and the hot water heating system left running (at a low temp), will the hot water heating system be starved for make-up water? Is it different if there is, or is not, an anti-freeze solution mix in the heating loop?
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