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    cleveland, ohio
    i live in cleveland ohio.... i have a bunch of rental properties and have a few vacancies right now... my question is do i have to completely winterize the house if i am not intrested in keeping the heat on or can shut off the water to one side of the unit (vacant side)..bleed all the pipes from the top down... pour a bit of antifreeze in the traps and toilets and be done with it.. or will i have freezing issues... its been getting as cold as 27 F at night...but the other side of the house has full heat... i noticed the lowest it has gone the vacant side has been about 42 F... what do you think?? thanks so much
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    If you take a compressor and blow out all your water lines after you have turned off power / gas then drained your water heater. And replace all the water in the traps with RV antifreeze. Then you can turn off all heat on 1 side and not worry.
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