Window Film to Seal Out Draft

Discussion in 'Remodel Forum & Blog' started by xroad, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. xroad

    xroad New Member

    I just did 18 windows with plastic sheets to seal out the draft. I can feel the difference. I have cheap vinyl windows that leaks at the sash to frame gaps. It also leaks where the two sash meets.

    Could I not just use some form of adhesive tape at all 7 gaps at each window? What tape would stay put for the winter season and not leave behind a messy gummy residue when I remove it for the spring?
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  2. frenchie

    frenchie Jack of all trades

    Nope. Tell the truth, I've never even found a tape that doesn't leave a mess, OR stays on through a winter.

    The film is amazing stuff, though, isn't it?
  3. xroad

    xroad New Member

    Had this 100 years old leaky house for 18 years. 15 of those years had new vinyl replacement windows in place of the rattling leaking single pane double sash wood windows. It helped a lot but the walls and floors and baseboards are also drafty. So for all these years, I never thought he draft was from the vinyl windows. I was quite surprised with the plastic films.

    What is that gummy sticky stuff that holds your new credit card when it arrive in the mail? It rubs off without leaving anything behind. It'll be great if it comes in a tube like caulking.
  4. hj

    hj Moderator & Master Plumber Staff Member

    Cave Creek, Arizona

    There are new masking tapes that are supposed to be removable even after a long period, without becoming "permanent" like the traditional tapes do.
  5. Nate R

    Nate R New Member

    Milwaukee, WI
    I thought I read somewhere very recently that there is now caulk available that is removable for just this very purpose. It's made to fill window sash cracks, etc, and be removable by hand in spring.
  6. xroad

    xroad New Member


    That would be ideal. The plastic film is a pain to install. The double sided tape leave a permanent mess. The look is bad (not that the rest of my house looks that great ...). There are quite a few windows in the house that rarely gets to be opened. A permanent platic sheet will look pretty bad.

  7. frenchie

    frenchie Jack of all trades

    No offense, but you must be doing it wrong. Done right, you can't tell it's there.
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