Why Did My Basement Flood and What Should I Do About It?

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    Jun 17, 2010
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    Hi. We recently had three solid days of rain which is unusual for this area. My sump pump is working normally and it was quite active during this stretch running as often as every 15 minutes or so at times.

    I noticed a smell in the basement about a week ago and found that the far corner had taken in some water. We're talking a very small amount here as there was no standing water and the carpet was dry enough that I didn't even notice the wetness until I walked on it with socks.

    We've lived in our house three years and this has never happened before. Again, I know the sump pump is working and there's no obvious issue such as a downspout clog or anything like that. But there's definitely something going on.

    It's still wet a week later (still minimally in the one small corner of the basement) which tells me the infiltration was not a discrete event--I say that because I've had fans on it for a week and the windows open and we have very low humidity levels here yet it's not yet dry.

    Another strange thing is that the sump pump is still cycling on occasionally (much less often the before, more like every couple hours now) even though it's been dry (10-20% humidity) for almost a week now.

    So what could be going on and how do I fix it? At the very least, I'd love some thoughts as to who I should call. Is this a plumber issue? Or a GC/handyman type?

    I'm leaving for about a week in 8 days and I really want to have this resolved by then.
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