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  1. I hate this brand of water heater....they are junk......

    and something I just found out today from another
    dis-satisfied LOWES --WHIRLPOOL customer...

    un like a Rheem, Bradford White, Smith or State........
    who stand behind their product 100%

    with the Whirlpool brand

    If you inherit a Whirlpool water heater when you buy a home
    from someone and they claim it was just put in last year......and it
    has a 12 year warranty......

    you think you got that issue covered for a good long while, right???

    Well, the warranty on this heater does NOT transferr to you !!!

    Whirlpool will only warranty a leaking wter heater to the person
    that purchased the heater.....not to the new occupant of the home....

    Now ----Isnt that a dirty-- rotten --cheap assed way-- to worm out of their obligations to the consumer????

    would you still buy one if you knew this???

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  2. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    No, I wouldn't buy one in the first place, but then I know better.

    The bigger the corps get the less responsible for their products they seem to be.

    Be glad you don't own a BMW. They charge the customer for shop rags, or better yet the Sprinter vans you see on the road, a fuel pump is almost $2,000.00 just for the part.
  3. hj

    hj Moderator & Master Plumber Staff Member

    Cave Creek, Arizona

    Sears does the same thing, as one of my customers found out when he bought a house, partly because it had a Sears lifetime water heater which failed a couple of months after he moved in.
  4. sears

    I was not aware of sears being such tight wads. too...

    but for some people it just does not matter....

    give me hot water and give tito me dirt cheap

    to hell with the next guy or future problems

    I have 4 40 gallon gas to install tomorrow......
    two of them are for whhirlpol replacements, not covered under wrranty

    I tangled with a new 2007 40 gallon gas WHIRLPOOL
    heater yesterday.....

    it has some very small improvements on it....

    1. it now uses a normal thermo-coupling

    2. it has a robert shaw thermostat on it with two wires that go down to a

    high limit thermol switch on the side flame wall..
    (something like the BRAD-FORD White)

    The STUPID FOOLS did not make the air intake on the bottom of the heater any bigger than the old unit was..
    so it will clog up with lint just like the old unit did.....


    you would think that after a large lawsuit that probably cost them literally a hundred of milllion dollars.....

    they would fire the enjeneers that designed that dog and get some new people to design the replacement

    no they did not... its got to be a son-in -law of the president ...... running that department


    I changed the thermocoupling.....but it failed to stay lit after two days...

    I could not get the thermostat from LOWES that
    this unit needed for a week..

    I was not sure wether I could install a Bradford White
    thermostat on that unit ....dont need the liability

    does anyone know wether they are inter-changeable???

    and still I was not sure if it were the
    thermostat or the little thermal fuse on the
    side of the heater that was makeing it go out ......

    So it is in my office now and I will take pictures of it
    later this week.....

    And a 50 gallon Rheem gas guardian is now installed in its place....

    good going -----whirlpool ------

    Keep up the good work.....

    you are keeping me in business
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  6. construct30

    construct30 New Member

    NorthWest PA
    In most plumbing supplies or appliances it seems you have to choose a good brand or two that you can easily get parts for and if someone calls with a problem that is not your brand then offer to install one of yours or nothing you can do for them. I have waisted more time trying to find parts for some cheap piece of crap... who pays, usually the guy doing the job.
  7. There's literally tons of these heaters installed in my area. I've warned my customer base of what to expect.

    Most if not always the decision to buy was based solely on price alone, no kidding.
  8. smellslike$tome

    smellslike$tome Plumbing Company Owner

    Birmingham, Alabama
    If you go to consumeraffairs.com and look for whirlpool water heater complaints (or google the latter and it takes you to the correct page) you will find more complaints than you would ever want to read.

    Whirlpool does not manufacture anything. They stick their label on gas models manufactured by American water heaters and I think the electric models (which don't have nearly as many problems) come from US Craftsmaster or something like that.

    I stopped using Whirlpool long before I knew about all the problems with their operation. I got tired of getting to the job and finding that the wh was all dented and beat up right out of the box. How am I supposed to sell something like that. I can't and wouldn't.

    To all the DIYers and HO who want to install the cheapest thing you can find. Don't say we didn't warn you.
  9. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    I just worked on a Cesspool Electric heater with the circuit board on the top of the tank that has a button, 2 dial adjustments and a indicator light that clicks when it is blinking.

    Very fancy and impressive to a homeowner.

    Well when the board goes bad you can't buy one anywhere. They have to be ordered.

    So the home owners problem started Thursday and she will have hot water some time on Monday.

    Cesspool strikes again.
  10. jimbo

    jimbo Plumber

    San Diego
    Whirlpool gas water heaters are made by US Craftmaster, a division of American Water Heater, which is owned by A.O. Smith.

    This link from the US Craftmaster website is informative on the sorry situation: http://www.waterheatersettlement.com/
  11. CASS----The circuit baord....

    I like the new name CESSPOOL it basically says it all

    they might get that circuit board by monday....

    it might show up by monday....the one I changed out

    that was two years old was going to take 10 days and was gonna

    cost the lady about $135 bucks becasue she was not the original

    owner of the product...the heater came with the house so their crappy 12 year warranty

    was void to her....

    maybe it might fix the problems, but I would not

    bet the farm on it.....

    Usually its wise to change out the elements
    and make sure nothing can short out that new
    circuit board ..........or you will get to do it again..

    do you think that getting water on that circuit board might
    short it out too..... water getting on a water heater....who would have known???

    also their are some special "hi tech" sensors that are plugged in by
    the elements that can go bad too.....

    does it look like this one???

    [​IMG] Who would make something this complicated and then pan it off
    on the public????

    Those people at American water heaters are smart cookies...

    The people in charge of American Water heaters ,
    or Smith, or Craftmaster or Whirlpool or whoever owns the place now

    simply have to be complete ---total 100% morons...........
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  12. JorjaGirl

    JorjaGirl New Member

    Midland, TEXAS
    In a WHIRL of POO....

    I tried everything to make this whirlpool water heater work correctly and to no avail....it's just a piece of crap. Whirlpool is now sending out a new updated door with a coupling reset switch, that is supposed to fix the problem with the thermocoupling..... When I called Whirlpool about my thermocoupling there was a recording stating there was a CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST THEM ON THE FG OR FLARE GUARD MODELS. the website that you or your customer can go to get info or the claim form on all these thermocoupling that they have had to buy, new water heater, or if they had to do what I am, going to get a new door with the reset switch...then they can get reimbersed.... http://www.waterheatersettlement.com/ this site will direct you to the claim form. Let them know that they have to have it postmarked by June the 28th of 2008 to get anything back from whirlpool on this issue.
  13. good luck with the thermal switch

    I would like to hear what they send you when it finally arrives sometime late next week

    unless they change the gas valve-thermostat and that stupid left hand threaded thermocoupling you will probably still be in trouble....

    the new thermal switch will work for a while but unless your unit gets more air into it you will burn out that thermal switch in a short time...

    their new design is no better than the old one

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  14. Jon4

    Jon4 New Member

    Are you sure this is the case because I just bought a home and had to replace a two-year old Whirlppol hot water heater and I called the number on the heater and the call taker registered it and gave me a code number to take with me to Lowes for a refund or store credit. The call taker asked for my name, address, etc. and put it all in their computer system. I wonder if the owners of the home never registered the hot water heater when they bought it and that's why they're going to give me the refund.

    I plan to return the hot water heater tomorrow and will let you know.

    What do you think?
  15. Dont ask--dont tell.....

    If you get lucky enough to get one out of them
    then perhaps someone has made an error...

    I would not bring it up till you have the new one installed

    I have dealt with dozens of them and heard the
    same sob story from them all....

    Recently , just last week I changed out a new Whirlpool heater .
    ...a 2007 which did not have a warranty to
    the new homeowner....

    The heater was installed in early February....

    the lady bought the house in August.....

    she claimes that was what was told to her..
    when she called them.. and this was just for parts....

    the new hi-limit switch on the side of the heater
    was probably the problem

    but their are no parts available in INDY to repair her

    So instead of having to wait about a week for parts to
    be shipped we tore it out and installed a Rheem

    here is a fun link to read...

    American water heaters makes Whirlpool....

    Unless they have changed their policy lately, I would assume
    this information is still valid today.....

    After talking to someone at Lowes last week,
    please keep in mind that they still expect you to
    use a wire brush and clean the screen
    underneath the heater every 3 months......

    even with the new 2007 units ----or your warranty is void....
    (it states that somewehere in the fine print)

    Put your new one up on bricks so you can get access to the screen.....


    I will take pics of that heater and post them sometime soon
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  16. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    I wouldn't be surprised if there is another class action sute soon on these Cesspool Heaters.

    Maybe some one will go after Low*s for Knowingly selling water heaters with known defects.
  17. hj

    hj Moderator & Master Plumber Staff Member

    Cave Creek, Arizona

    I am not sure about American Water Heaters being owned by A O Smith, because A O Smith owns State Water Heater Company.
  18. Smith owns american

    Smith owns american that is the last I heard...

    I think that they were even mentioned in that law suit
    over this water heater.

    they are trying to buy up all these little dogs and corner
    the hardware store market

    I can understand their point of view here.....

    Smith is such a crappy water heater they figure that they
    cant sell to most legit plumbers out there so they
    have decided to sell to the un-suspecting public instead

    their motto is....................

    If you cant make a better product,
    find a dumber market to sell it to
  19. onealmr

    onealmr New Member

    AO Smith is with State Water Heater and American Water Heaters.
  20. onealmr

    onealmr New Member

    Reimbursed for what? The lawsuit was for a non-monetary gain. It was a lawsuit because the T/couple kept breaking. It kept breaking because the chamber kept overheating. It kept overheating because civilians would not keep the Flame-trap vent cleaned off. Twice a year is all that should be needed to clean the vent. Civilians were too lazy to do that.



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