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    Here is a topic I did not find addresses.... or at least I did not find it.

    In our bathroom remodel, we are replacing a 20 year old whirlpool with a new whirlpool tub. We are going with 36x60.

    I am overwhelmed with the choices and brands. Initial choice was an American Starndard from a big box retailer but had problems finding a faucet that would work with this tub. What was nice was the price - $699.

    Looking for a deeper tub where deptth to overflow is at least 16 inches.

    Looking beyond the big box retailers raised the price dramatically. The current selection is a MAAX Topaz.

    So my question is, is there really a difference in quality between a $700 big box tub and a $2000 private label brand? If yes, what should I be looking for? I know motor size is one consideration. But is there a difference in the quality of the acryllic? IS it finish, thickness or ???

    WHat have the rest of you installed and how happy were you with the choice?


    Terry - love this place. :)
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    I teach guitar:You call that a job?
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    Cut to the chase and check out Jason Whirlpools. They are made by the Jacuzzi family, and their slogan used to be 'Behind every Jason stands a Jacuzzi'.


    When I used to install them they were available with a tile flange on whatever side you needed them on. If you'll be showering in this area, as well as bathing, you want a tile flange, not just something that snaps on.

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