Which Sump Basin?

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    I'd like to install a sump basin and submersibile pump in my basement. Currently there is a pedestal pump in an open rectangular pit about 20X18X17 deep, there are weep tiles around the interior of the basement that drain into this pit. I saw a basin at HD that is round 18X30 deep. I'd rather stay away from HD products, where can I find other basins? Also the HD basin is solid, shouldn't they have holes in the sides or open bottoms to let the water in? The water table right now is about 15" below the surface, isn't a 30" deep basin too deep? Can the bottoms be cut off to the depth I need?
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    Just jumping in here - I'd also like advice on where to find a good sump basin. Hole is dug and I know a local masonry supply to get 3/4 rocks to surround the sump, but I want to get a good basin with holes already drilled. Any recommendations would help.
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    A pump set at 15" means constant running so it needs to be less than this, and far enough above the bottom to avoid sucking up mud. Probably the water should always be lower than the bottom surface of the basement slab.

    You could put the pump on blocks to get the desired inlet height.

    With sump pumps ranging between 1/6 and 1 hp, knowing the head [mine is probably 6'] you can figure what kind of GPM yield is typically encountered during flood events.
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    Zoeller makes an 18x22 sump basin.
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    If you haven't sized your pump yet, here is one method that probably slightly oversizes the GPM of the pump.

    4 =rainfall intensity , 95th percentile in inches/hour for your locale
    2000 =house footprint [F] in sq. ft.

    667 =cubic feet [CF] of water per hour = F x I/12
    4987 =gallons per hour [GPH] = CFx7.48
    83 =GPM = GPH/60

    BTW, a variable speed sump pump may prevent short cycling.
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