Which Pex Fittings?

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  1. Livin4Real

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    Indianapolis, IN
    Hey guys,

    I'm replacing all the supply lines in the house with a home run pex setup with manabloc. I am trying to eliminate all joints and would like to keep everything pex (i.e. stubouts for lav and shower,) Does anyone know part numbers or specific fittings I should use? No copper will be used anywhere, just pex fittings. I would also like to know how far out from the wall the stubs should be? I've looked and looked online and there are alot of fittings to choose from, just want to know the most efficient and right way to about it.I have metal drop ear bend supports that will be screwed into the studs at the wall, all the supply lines will be 1/2" pex with the majority of them being ran already, just need to be finished up for attachment to sinks, shower head, toilet supply line.


  2. wirsbo is best...

    If you are doing a Vanguard pex system...make sure you keep it all
    Vanguard.....all fittings, all pipe .....dont substitute anything for some
    junk that they say will work at LOWES

    the Zurn pex you see at the hadeware stores
    has a class action lawsuit against it already

    peopel are mixing up the fittings and getting in trouble
    when the hot water blows apart...

    you wind up buying something to finish the job t the hardware stores
    and then install it with the wrong type pex, or use the wrong type

    I have a customer right now that has laready screwed himself
    this way , but wont find out till about 6 months after the job is done.
    Hh wont heed my warning about this...
    he bought the manibloc system but then went and got crimp rings from Lowes,
    and joints from loews too... they are compatable only for a short while......

    useing the Wirsbo seems to be the most reliable and
    less issues all around but it cant be used in a maniblock system...
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  3. Livin4Real

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    Indianapolis, IN
    luckily I had read about the zurn debacle, know better than to use them. I am using Nibco fittings with durapex tubing (made by nibco) I wanted to use the vanguard tubing with the manabloc but at 3x the cost of durapex I couldn't justify it. I did buy the good crimp rings when I bought the manabloc, along with a set of Sioux Chief crimpers. I just need the fitting/stubout info now.
  4. Nibco pex???

    I thought the Manibloc would only work with Vanguard

    Where do you get the nibco pex anyway???

    I think this is going to all be a debacle after a while....

    one fellow I went to last week to give an estimate had

    Zurn pex going into a tee and then the other end of
    the tee going into a WIRSBO pipe with a crimp ring on it..

    I told him that the wirsbo was not meant to be used that way ....it will blow apart.eventually

    He did not want to hear it...

    I wish I had my camera with me ......

  5. Livin4Real

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    Indianapolis, IN
    m enards carries the nibco/durapex. The manabloc comes with all the fittings to connect the tubing to the manabloc itself, and they're some elaborate 4 or 5 piece compression fittings for each outlet, no crimping involved. Economy Plumbing Supply up on 96th and Hague carries all the vanguard supplies, also where I got my Toto Ultramax.
  6. oh my god.....you live in Indiana

    Well, I will go by men --rds tomorrow just for fun
    I will look at what they have and report back

    always interested in the next type of pex I will have
    to repair some day..when I stumble across it..

    thank god for shark bites..........

    all you got to do for fitting stub outs....

    basically its is easiest stubbing up through the floor about 24 inches for lavs.
    then all you need is straight stops to tie in later...

    if you go up in the 2x4 you have the elbow joint in the wall to worry
    about leaking someday...

    most everything needs to be only 1/2 pipe...going back to the maniblock...

    its almost too simple and the junk I
    see and the sloppy work really scares the hell out of me...

    someday their will be hell to pay......

    beautiful night tonight in Indy.
    ....clear and 53....
    moon should be riseing about 10
    plan on camping out with the kids..
    .in the back yard tree--house ...

    starting a fire, ect

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  7. Livin4Real

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    Indianapolis, IN
    Yup, another Hoosier :)

    I'm actually about 20 minutes south of Indy. I have to do the elbows in the bathroom for the pedestal sink, plan on coming out a little higher than normal on the wall to hide the tubing under the bottom of the sink. I'm just trying to figure out the shower head stubout. I will have a 2x4 cross-brace with a hole drilled in it to slide a drop ear bend support through but what fitting would go on the end and how do you hide the pex AND attach the pipe the shower head screws onto?

    And yes, nice night in Indy. I work third shift at the airport, so a little more breezy here on the tarmac :)

  8. svcalypso

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    going back to Marks 9/28 post Mark says :

    this is exactly what pexsupply recommended to me and then supplied to me, a Manabloc manifold and Wirsbo pipe and fittings

    Why are we saying Wirsbo cannot be used in a Manifold system ?
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  9. Basement_Lurker

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    If your manabloc uses the crimp connections to transition to the shutoff valves on the manifold, you obviously can't crimp uponor aquapex tubing.

    If you manabloc uses the traditional compression connections, I don't see why you couldn't use uponor aquapex. The OD and ID of uponor aquapex is the same as regular pex. However, if you use anything other than vanguard pex, you will void the warranty I believe.
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