Where to put clean-outs?

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    Apr 30, 2013
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    Thanks to the patient help of the guys on here, I think I pretty much have my DWV for my new house figured out. The one thing that concerns me is clean-outs. The main 3" branch will hang below the joists in the basement, but I connected several 2" branches by rolling a combi up 45 degrees so the branch is tucked up between the joists. The clean-outs are at the end of these branches, but will be buried if I finish the ceiling.

    Where do clean-outs go if there is no access underneath? I can put a Y and clean-out above the waste T in the vanity and kitchen sink, but what about the shower? All sides of the shower face living space on the other side, so I can't have a Y sticking out of the wall. I've thought about keeping the 2" branches below the joists and future ceiling, but I'd rather not. It's interesting to note that my current house in FL has no clean-outs, anywhere. It's slab-on-grade, and the drains are under the slab. Any advice would be appreciated!
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    You do NOT use "Y"s, you use tapped cleanout tees with plugs in them and "cover plates" over the plugs.
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