What's in a faucet?

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  1. masterbath

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    I saw the poll - informative. My question is what is in a faucet and what do I need to look out for? I am remodeling and we have decided to go with wall mounted faucets however our budget doesnt appear to be there for any of them. I checked Kohler and found a 400.00 unit that required a 200.00 valve. Choke. I use **** frequently and found some acceptable ones on there pretty cheap but I am also no fool. I know more than often you end up getting what you pay for. I don't want to buy a peice of poo but I also would have to "cap" one faucet until next years budget hit. One thing I was wondering is do I need the same type valve for the **** item? If that gets me the quality, then I am ok with maybe doing something like that but I am unsure if these things are interchangeble

    Here is the Kohler I am looking at for comparison.


    This has a requirement listed as the valve.

    Here is the **** item - apparently that is a naughty word here. i guess you can fill in the url where the * are with the letters e-b-a-y

    not sure what is acceptable bid since there are 0.

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  2. kohler is junk

    I dont know what the bad name faucet is

    that you wont mention......

    I know that Kohler is junk and will be troubles down the road

    your links went no-where....

    Have you considerd just looking into something from

    DELTA??? At least you will ahve a fighting chance reapiring
    that valve some day
  3. Dan Pick

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    Speedway, IN
    Rough-in valves are brand specific. I have never installed one of the new in wall lavatory faucets. Let us know how it goes.
  4. Racer814

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    I did a wall mount lav faucet a couple months ago....can't remember the brand for the life of me...looked great though....more of a pain but hey, it's the customers dime

    just pay very careful attention on your rough in...
  5. jimbo

    jimbo Plumber

    San Diego
    A NO NAME faucet often translates to NO WARRANTY and NO PARTS. Buyer beware. It was already pointed out that valves are EXTREMELY specific to brand and model. Any attempt to rig in or use "universal" handle adapters will lead to great sorrow.

    In general I have a very low opinion of the auction site, but will not belabor that point here.
  6. Leading To Great Sorrow....

    That is a very good qoute......it will lead to great sorrow..

    many plumbing materials you will find on that auction site are probaly
    hot and stolen from someone like me....

    I am sure stuff I owned ended up there once or twice
    over the years... just walked out my door....

    like 30 toilet supply lines for 5 bucks, ect....

    so when you make a deal with the devil
    and you get what you get...
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  7. ter

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    Tampa FL
  8. hj

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    1. The production quantity of wall mount faucets is a fraction of the normal ones, so that increases the price of the faucet considerably, due to economies of scale.
    2. If you do NOT buy the entire faucet NOW, by next year the trim parts could be discontinued, or changed such that they are not what you wanted or might no longer fit your faucet.
  9. Name the name you see in the auction site description and I'll go looking, web searching.

    masterbath, the Kohler one is called "Falling Water". Other Kohlers:
    "Stillness" K-952
    "Karbon" K-6228
    "Fountainhead" Look at both K-2443 and K-2440 so you see that you can make your own shelf/structure. Open all the PDF documents made "for Installers & Designers". You will see it is numbskull simple.

    Use the K-NUMBER as a key word when web searching. My writing out these other options is NOT a recommendation to buy these or any other Kohler product. I think that marketeer nephews have taken over Kohler, so they are good at some kinds of innovation, but not good at many other things. Thank you for choosing the BOLD look of KOHLER is what they write in every email answering my questions. Their web site has lots of images of beautiful humans that remind me of what the successful offspring of genetic experiments must look like.

    T&S Brass and Chicago Faucet make good wall mounts; their look is industrial.
    Grohe has wall mounts in their industrial division.
    Many others do too.
  10. Winslow

    Winslow Plumber

    The kohler falling water faucet is a fine faucet. Don't go cheap with anything that is installed in the walls, you will regret it later.
  11. hj

    hj Moderator & Master Plumber Staff Member

    Cave Creek, Arizona
    quote; T&S Brass and Chicago Faucet make good wall mounts;

    So does Fisher, but these are "outside the wall" faucets, NOT the ones that go inside the wall similar to a tub/shower valve which is what this person was inquiring about.
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