what size water line for 2 shower and 1 tub (long)

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  1. handsrusinkc

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    Aug 31, 2004
    I am hooking up water lines to a shower that I am remodeling.

    Prior to the remodel:
    there is a 3/4" water line (in the crawl space) extending up to the area near the tub/shower, it then downsize to a 1/2 inch pipe that goes up into the bathroom and splits into one pipe for the shower and one pipe for the bathtub.

    I am planning on making a new shower that will have 2 shower heads, each with their own mixer and on/off valve.

    I am also planning on using CPVC.

    I have the option of staing with the 1/2 inch that is already running up to the shower and just put another "Y" in it to bring water to the new shower head (with its own on/off valve and mixer). I'm not sure if I there will be enough flow through this system to run both showers at the same time. The water will flow to right up near the shower in 3/4", then down-size to 1/2" copper, then down-size to 1/2"CPVC for the two showers.

    The other way that this could be done would be to make the whole system 3/4" by going with 3/4" CPVC from the 3/4" copper in the crawl-space. But this would be a bit more work.

    Sorry my explanation is so long.
  2. Plumber2000

    Plumber2000 Plumber

    Jan 13, 2005
    Eugene, Oregon
    By the time the water passes through the ports on the valve it will be reduced to at least 3/8", no matter what size pipe you have to the valve, 3/4" or 1/2" it means nothing, run 1/2" the the heads.
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