What MAPEI mortar for thinset?

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    I am new to this forum but it looks like a respectful place to get advice! I have read a lot of Taunton books on remodels and have done a lot of minor remodels but never tile done from scratch. I want to do this retile job correctly and with the best materials.

    MAPEI must have 10 different mortar systems. But, which one should i use for ceramic tile on CBU on 3/4 inch subfloors and for CBU on studs for wall applications? I would also like to use the same thinset mortar for attaching the CBU to the subfloor.

    MAPEI seems like a reputable company with a wide range of products that i can get easily at Lowe's. However, the Lowe's experts are not very well trained in MAPEI products.

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    You don't need a modified thinset to put down the cbu on the floor (this thinset doesn't actually hold the cbu to the floor- it fills in any imperfections and makes a fully supported substrate for the tile). For actually setting the tile, it somewhat depends on the type of tile...a modified thinset (one that makes it stickier and stronger than 'plain' thinset) can also be more flexible and help prevent cracks. If you are setting stone, or very large tile, or the floor is not flat, then you might want a granite and marble medium set (it has more sand in it to help prevent the big tile from sinking - it can be used typically up to about 1/2" thick, where normal thinset is usually only good much thinner).

    So, that still didn't answer your questions, but hopefully helped some. I strongly suggest you check out www.johnbridge.com They specialize in tiling, and you'll ge a good quantity of tile professionals to help you out with your specific questions.
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    You are on the right track, Mapei makes super products. Don't go with what you find at the big box stores. You will get great info at the John Bridge site.

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    Thanx for the advice. I like that johnbridge web site. It looks like just the thing for tile advice.
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