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    May 5, 2010
    HELP well pump replacement

    I have a Gould's 1/2 hp pump that is about 25 years old in massachussetts. I think it was a JL series, and I think the best replacement would be a J+ 5 by Goulds, but the JRD5 also looked like it might work. I have two poly lines coming in, and one rigid pipe going out of the pump. There is a pressure gauge mounted to the top of the old pump. The pump is in the basement, and the well is at the bottom of the hill outside, next to a pond.

    Everything still seems to be working fine, I have enough pressure to take showers, run dishwahser, washing machine, etc. I am replacing the pump because it leaks, and is very old. I do not want to replace the foot valve or the jet, and am hoping to simply remove the old pump from the existing lines and replace it. Then deal with the foot valve and/or jets some day in the future if I haven't gone to town water by then. Here are my questions:

    1) Most important first-----How do I best remove the old poly lines without sending debris down to the foot valve?

    2) Is the Goulds J+ 5 the best replacement? would a JRD5 be okay? They have different jets, and I will not be replacing the old jet, and want the best match.

    Thanks for your help.
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