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    Were building a cabin in the Rocky Mountains. It will basically function as a getaway that we'll visit a weekend or two each month. We've dug a well and will be dropping a 3/4 hp pump. We'll install a pressure tank. We have been told that a system can be designed so that when we leave the cabin we can blow out the lines in the house and allow the water below the main valve to drain back into the well. It gets very cold and we'd like to simply the process w/o worrying about finding frozen pipes on the next visit. Wondering if anyone can give some advice as to how to design such a well system?
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    Putting a tee right after the main valve would allow for making an air connection to blow the supplied lines clear, and a tee with a spigot just before the main valve would vent the supply line coming up from the pump. However, the pump is likely going to have an integral check valve to keep that from happening, and I do not know whether you could remove that check and install one right after the tee that is right after the main valve.
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    How deep is the frost line?

    You could use a well pit for the pump and tank.

    Up here in northern MN there are lots of cabins where they drain the system for the winter.

    I've seen some systems that use a tiny hole to leak water after the deep well pump, but that does make the pump cycle on and off by itself at times and is generally used for intermittent use and for hand pumps.

    You might be able to use a Pole operated valve like the ones they use for city water going to a house.

    Another thought would be a recirculating pump on a ground source well to keep the house above freezing. even without a heat pump, just the ground water itself could warm the pipes.
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