Weil-McLain Boiler Shuts off

Discussion in 'HVAC Heating & Cooling' started by Teedubs, Dec 16, 2013.

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    We have Weil-McLain boilers at 2 separate houses. Both are relatively new-1year and 3 years. Both have a problem with shutting down and not restarting when it is cold and we return from vacation mode. The vacation away temp is 55-degrees. I assume the boilers go through their own restart process but fail to start.

    Once I get home and realize they are not on, it often will take numerous "resets" to get them going, or I may have to fully turn them on/off a few times before they start and stay on. Any thoughts?

    I had the installer out last time but since I got it running again he said he could not diagnose the problem.
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    If the pressure in the system is marginally low, it will prevent the boiler from firing. Not sure where in the logic sequence it looks at that, so it may not even try to start when it's low. If the thing fires at all, as the water heats up, the pressure can rise, and eventually, let it keep running. Are there any error signals or anything on the controller board when this happens?

    Any boiler has multiple safety interlocks, so you need to check each sensor to figure out if one of those is the issue. The installation manual is likely your best friend on this to try to figure out why they dont' want to start.

    Exactly what happens when you reset the system, and what are your static pressure readings?

    Are these running on LP or NG? If LP, the regulator might be a source of the problem.
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