weatherstripping an uneven entry door

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    Hi guys, I have a door that I need to weatherstrip thats uneven(was plumb wrong when installed) there is no problem with the door working, however it is not very air tight. There is a gap at the top of the door of about 1/2" or so and the bottom of the door is even with the jamb. I tryed to go to lowes to pick up some of there weatherstripping but it was not big enough. Does anyone know of any places I could try that has special weatherstripping for uneven doors or maybe I could even try a garage door weather stripping. It is a high traffic (entry)door but in the garage but it does not need to look the best just need it to work. thanks

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    1/2" margin is big. I think it would be worth your while to take off the casings and re-shim the whole jamb. It is not as much trouble as you think. A good tool to have would be a 5' or 6' level .
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    Uneven door...

    Jimbo is right... you can also use a sawszal to cut the nails so the door can be plumbed.A 6' level is ideal but you could do it with a 4'.The door may "work" now but there will come a time when it will start to sag,stick,etc...Make sure the top and bottom of the door has been painted.Nothing cuts the usable "life" of a door more than not being sealed on all 6 sides.
    BTW, Some of the old time hardware stores used to carry weather strips that had about an 1 1/4" aluminum flange.They came with small nails and you could install them on an "angle" to cover the bigger gap...
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