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  1. vleespet

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    Hello all

    For a little while I had sand pumping from my well throught the watersoftener in the house. I put in a filter in between the pump and the tank so the sand does not go through the softener and in the house anymore.

    The problem afterwards was that when the softner was on, the pressure in the house dropped. So I was thinking that the softener had some problems and got damaged when the sand was passing through.

    I disconnected the softener and took all the salt out and cleaned it out completely.Also cleaned the venturi nozzle.
    I re-connected it and put new salt in but still the pressure drops.

    Can anyone tell me what the problem might be?
    Is the resin tank damaged because there is sand in there that restricts the waterflow throught the tank?

    When I bypass the softener I have plenty of pressure so the filter that I put in between did not affect the pressure at all.

    Any ideas suggestions are welcome

  2. speedbump

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    Your water does not run through the brine tank. If you got sand into your water softener it is still in there more than likely. So this would explain your lack of pressure. I hope you didn't put this filter between the pump and storage tank. After the storage tank is the place to put a sand filter.

  3. vleespet

    vleespet New Member


    Thanks for your reply.
    Are the resin tank and brine tank the same thing?
    That is the tank with all the beads in correct?
    If there is still sand in there how do I get that out or is that impossible?

    The filter is in the correct spot and works like a charm.


  4. Bob NH

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    New Hampshire
    To get the sand out of the resin tank (the pressurized cylinder), you disconnect it, remove the controller and any other stuff inside, tip it upside down, and spray inside with a hose until it is empty.

    Then you take the new bag of resin that you purchased somewhere on line, dump it into the resin tank, put all of the mechanicals back the way they came out, follow any instructions for washing or regenerating or whatever comes with your softener or the resin, and reinstall the whole thing.

    It is theoretically possible to separate sand and resin, but after all you have to go through to clean the tank, you are probably better off with new resin.
  5. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    BobNH is close to how you rebed a softener but there's a step or two more to it than that.

    What brand softener do you have OR... what brand control valve is on it. If you don't know what control valve, describe the face of the control valve.

    You may have a blocked top basket if your softener has one, most big box brands do. Or the control valve or by-pass valve could be blocked.
  6. vleespet

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    First of all thanks for the reply.I don't know how old the watersoftener is, it was already in the well house when I bought it about 6 yrs ago.
    It is a Kenmore watersoftener bought from SEARS.
    You can find the manual here:

    It has always worked find till the sand issue.

    I did not really check the bypass valve when I removed the softener.
    I'm not sure what you mean by the control valve and/or top basket


  7. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    Using the animated troubleshooting section on their web site, remove the control valve and clean the top basket. There are thin slits in a basket that can block up with 'suff'. It may come up out of the tank with the control valve after you remove the two part clamp to get the valve off their resin tank. If not then grab it and lift it out, watching the o-rings don't get lost.
  8. vleespet

    vleespet New Member

    all apart

    Well I decided to take the whole thing apart.
    The basket was kinda sludged up with sand.It was a tedious job but I cleaned all the little slots out.
    I dumped all the salt in a wheelbarrel since I assume it is reusable.
    I dumped all the resin out of the mineral tank...it was a dark redish paste.I don't really know how it is supposed to look like.In the mineral tank was also a black tube with a basket at the end...I cleaned that out too.
    Rinsed both of the tanks out and i guess it is time to get some resin.

    Are there different types of resin?
    I assume it is for sale on the internet somewhere?
    My mineral tank is 8" wide by 40" tall and according to 1 site I need 3/4 cu ft of resin.
    Also they stated that sometimes they put a bed of other stuff on the bottom before you put the resin in, is that necessary?

    I will include some pictures:eek:
  9. vleespet

    vleespet New Member


    O yeah...forgot to show you the pictures of the shit....ehhh I mean resin:D
  10. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    There's a plate on the back of the cover for the control valve (the electronic thingy) that will tell you the cuft of resin in the tank; like .7 or something close. The additional stuff is gravel, which is a good thing. It just covers the top of the bottom basket,

    Yes you can reuse salt but... you should be using solar crystal salt. It causes the fewest if any salt related problems with a softener, and it always costs the least.
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