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  1. Dick Nelson

    Dick Nelson New Member

    I was wondering if there was a web site that I can find out what is the best water softner?
  2. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    I think the best softener is one that gives you the longest service free operation and thereby the best is any softener using the Clack WS-1 or Fleck 7000SE control valves. That's because, IMO, the control valve is the most critical part, it is where all the moving parts are. Both of those valves have one moving part in the water stream. All other valves have many moving parts. The Clack WS-1 is the easiest to repair if needed and the Fleck 7009SE doesn't require any control valve specific special Fleck tools as the other Fleck valves require. Both valves have soft water brine refill and variable reserve while the Fleck 7000SE has variable brining. You can find web sites selling either or both by searching for the name inside "".

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  3. :D :D Go to consumer reports for the best product reliability that is tested and unbiased on the research. Stay away from those who join websites like these that advertise under the brow by pointing you to their websites indirectly. Most times they are here for one reason: make money. Stick with a local company that you can get parts from on a timely basis. Seems like internet sellers "disappear" once the sale is complete. Your money is your own, make sure you spend it wisely, take the good advice and join consumer reports for the reliability factor.
  4. plumber1

    plumber1 Plumber


    Listen to Gary
    The Fleckenstein valve is as good as you can get.........
  5. Autotrol is a good one too

    Gary has a good valve and he is probably right

    Though I feel that the Autotrol is a very close second
    and I have that in my own home.....

    here is someones elses web site that shows
    basically what I put in all the time


    Actually, I would love some day for my own educatioin
    just to take one of those clack valves
    apart to see how easy they work,

    I also would like to get the stats on
    the average salt usage on one of them
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  6. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    Here's a picture of the parts. It's the best pic I can make due to the quality of the copy I'm using (from my dealer manual). Anyone can take the valve apart, replace all the parts and have it back together in 30 minutes or less. Most people believe in the quality of the Fleck line of control valves, or should! lol Three ex-Fleck engineers invented, designed and built the Clack WS-1, and it shows. One part not in the picture is the turbine wheel, it comes out the side of the outlet and can be replaced in about 3 minutes. The valve has variable reserve based on the last 21 days and soft water brine refill. The diagnostics show the highest gpm ever run through it. How many regenerations have been done. When the last regen was. Water usage by day for the last 63 days. On'n on... I do not believe there is a more intelligent stock control valve on the market, and there is none easier to repair.

  7. thankn you for the info

    gary, that looks intersesting ......

    But that circuit board in that picture looks pretty
    intimadateing to me... It scares me Gary......

    Its does not look as "dummy freindly" as the
    Autotrol valve controll... all I got to do is move a little pin
    and set the thing... then if the pretty light beeps when water
    passes through it it means
    I did good........LOL


    isnt the culligan units out their just a glorfied fleck valve???

    yes or no???

    the next one I junk out , I just might take it apart just for
    furthering my education...

    ( this is a admission that I dont know it all, )

    the clack looks like something I should learn more about
    and wouldent mind getting my hands on one someday...

    if you ever have a worthless junk spare, please let me know

    we dont see many of them around these parts...

    mostly fleck and autotrol....
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  8. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    The circuit board is military grade, and it's under a cover and all you use is 5 buttons like on your microwave. You can't hurt it unless you dropped it, and the only reason to take it out is 'cuz it wasn't working anyway... lol

    The control doesn't have a little light, it flashes Softening on the time of day display when water is being used. OR... you can have the gallons remaining displayed and Softening flashes.

    I don't think Culligan is glorified but yes, their contol is based on the Clack and Fleck piston and seals design.

    Here's a picture. That knob on the left is the turbine port I mentioned before being on the side of the outlet.

    Sorry, at my age, I probably won't see a junked one.


    Quality Water Associates
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