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    I am locating a softner in my cellar and have a question about the drain. Will a softner have enough force to discharge into a waste line that is located above the outlet on the appliance? My waste lines are about 5 ft above the floor of the cellar. I'm envisioning something similar to the drain line on a washing machine but am not sure there will be enough force to move the water where it needs to go. Thanks.
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    It uses the force of you incoming water system so it has plenty of power. The only limitation is that if goes too high, and many people run it across their roof with not problem, is that the brining aspiration process could be hampered.
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    Since your drain line connection is at say 5' off the floor, the drain line connection on the softener control valve will be just about the same height. You can normally go up from the control valve 6' and then sideways 20' without increasing the size of the drain line or the DLFC (drain line flow control) but that depends on the brand of control valve you have.

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