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    I am a newbie to water softeners and recently had a rainsoft salesman try and sell me a $8000 system! hence I am in this forum. He did a test with testubes and liquids and said we had a hardness reading of 17. However we don't have any other statistics from him as to what else is in our water, so I'm wondering is there a better test we can do to get an accurate reading of the possible nasty things in our water? I live in a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom condo with another person, and city water is our supply.

    At this point we want the water softened throughout the entire condo, as our issue surrounds the buildup in our appliances over time, and also the quality of bath water. For drinking water we are happy with the GE smartfilter in the fridge. (However new testing results might prove otherwise)

    The room where we would put the softener is in the laundry (where the main line comes in) and it has limited space, however the rainsoft guy said there was enough space for his system.

    I have been looking at some suggestions in other topics and I saw that the Fleck 5600 Valve, Clack WS-1, Autotrol are meant to be good. I will definitely have a plumber install the system. I am after a long term quality system that is easy to maintain, and does not change our current water pressure at all.

    Thanks for any help in advance!


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    You should be able to obtain a report (for the asking-or it may be posted on a web site if the municipality maintains one) from your municipal water supplier that gives an extensive analysis of your water.

    17 grains hardness is certainly worth treating and if that is the only thing being treated the equipment cost should be well under $1000 delivered if you purchase from an online seller.
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    As you know I suggest a Clack WS-1 valve. IMO to is a much better choice than a 5600 which is a 3/4" valve.

    There is no hardness on the water report. So use the 17 gpg. The test he used is a good test.

    You would have to call me so I could ask you a few questions before I could correctly size a softener for you but a 1.0 cuft (32k) may be too small.
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    And what made the 5600 so good in its day was the piston, seal and spacer design which has been greatly improved in the Clack piston, seal and spacer design. And the Clack has many fewer parts; and features like soft water brine refill and variable reserve along with gobs of history like the max gpm each of the last 6 days and the highest ever etc. etc., and then troubleshooting data.

    As to sizing, the last time I attempted to show you how a "32k" can be too small you didn't want to hear it, so I'll not do that again now. But if they have a large tub and/or a large shower and you don't care if they get hard water through the softener, I will guarantee it is too small.
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    Yet I saw on another forum where you said you were a service tech on Kenmore and other big box store brands for 16 years and had been a dealer selling Fleck 5600s for the last 3 years.

    You say "People are very smart these days. If they see someone bad mouthing a competitor, they will shop else where.". I take it you don't see your self in that. Your name was mentioned today and we shared a bit of laughter. BTW, that isn't the first time your name has come up, and the more it's mentioned, the more I sell. So I should say thanks, I've had a record July and Aug..
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    Why would he come back when you PMed each other. And what difference does it matter what rainsoft said...

    Things show he is online now, looks like he has been most of the day. But then he doesn't have to be at the computer, but then he could be and logged in as a different user with a window or tab in his browser as the other user. just like you have done in the past. It seems he may have been PMing you since just prior to that time you said you PMed him.

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  8. 8,000 bucks....wow.....

    8,000 dollars for waater conditioning equipment!!!


    that is much higher than I have ever heard....

    Rainsoft is a rip-off, what exactly were you getting for that 8 grand anyway???

    also , gary will take pretty good care of you.....
    he has taught me everything I know about the Clack

    check out my site

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    Guys thanks for all the advice - much appreciated, I'll probably go down the clack road, order online and get a plumber to install it.

    Will let you know the results once it is done...

    Cheers and have a good holiday weekend!

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