Water Softener Prep for Turning Water Off to House

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  1. Thomas Harvan

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    I have an UltraSoft 280 water softener. I will need to have the water off to the house for some months. We will return 2 to 3 months ever summer for some time. There is no risk of freezing. What do I need to do to the softener other than remove power supply? How can I minimize the chance of salt bridge?

    I can think of 3 options: 1) do nothing except removing power, 2) remove power, all salt pellets and drain water from brine well and resin bed by disconnecting & tipping unit (as in manual for freeze prep), 2) remove power, reduce salt pellet level, pump out brine well (or minimize by using a small, sanitized pump) and leave water in resin bed.

    I'm afraid that the first option, doing nothing, will result in a significant salt bridge. The second option is a lot of work to shut it down and to start it back up. Is the third option acceptable?
  2. Tom Sawyer

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    I would do a manual regen, then empty the brine tank.
  3. ditttohead

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    Not sure if that unit has a day override, but if it does you can set it to regen once a month at a very low salt setting, this will keep things clean. When you return, add a small amount of bleach to the brine tank to sanitize the unit.

    If you use salt, bridging is not much of an issue and is easily corrected with a gallon of hot water in the brine tank. If you use Potassium Chloride, bridging is a major problem especially due to low use.
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