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    First off a little background. I have worked with CPVC before so I know the basics (priming, cementing, etc.).

    I have been living with hard water for almost a year and I thought it was time to try a water softener. So I bought a Whirlpool Water Softener (WHES30). Probably not the best, but oh well.

    I currently have a 3-Valve Bypass Installed with 1" CPVC (came with the house). The problem I am having is that 1" CPVC appears to be a uncommon size. 1/2 and 3/4 appear to be the most popular (looking at Big-Box stores like Lowes and Home Depot).

    So the water softener came with these 1" NPT Male Adapters to attach to the system. The manual is geared towards 1" copper piping so I need a little help. I figured I just needed to buy a 1" Female CPVC Adapter. I have not been able to find anything at the local stores (again, Big-Box stores). I have not yet pulled out the yellow pages and started calling smaller stores. Anyways, I have looked online and found the following:


    My worry is that the female adapter is CPVC. Do I need to worry about the pressure cracking this? Would this piece work? Or maybe there is a better way?

    If someone really wants to go in detail here is the installation manual:


    Thanks For Any Input...
  2. hj

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    ANY male thread into a female plastic adapter could crack it over time.
  3. speedbump

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    I dare you to post this in the Plumbers Forum.
  4. Gary Slusser

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    Galvanized should be outlawed for water line applications and black iron pipe should never be used for water lines because both galvanized and black iron rust and add iron to the water.

    Tunarle, call a plumbing supply house (under Plumbing in teh YPs) for 1" CPVC or, use sch 80 PVC females or couplers but... If you follow plastic fitting installation instructions, you won't over tighten them and they won't crack. I wouldn't reduce the plumbing.
  5. tunarle

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    I just wanted to thank you all for the help.

    I was visiting a friend in the Chicago Suburbs and happened to drive by a hardware store. I thought what the heck and stopped. They had 1" CPVC and also had a female adapter where the threaded section was metal (brass, I assume). It cost a lot more than I wanted/expected to pay, but I would rather do this correctly.

    Again, thanks for the all the help. Hopefully, I will get it installed tomorrow. The last bit of advice would be what to use for the threading?

    I have always been taught two revolutions of tape and then pipe dope. The new setup is the male adapter is plastic and the female adapter is metal. I welcome any other advice/opinions.

  6. Water_doctor

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    You should use compression fittings. There are actually fittings that will fit into the softener that have a shark bite fitting on the other side.
    I will try to get some pictures of them for you. I can seel them to you and I don't know who else but I will find out.
    I'll get back to you
  7. samdog

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    I would like to recommend 1" Sharkbite female straight connectors. These have several advantages.

    A. they're brass, strength is not an issue
    B. they quick connect to the CPVC and can immediately be pressurized
    C. they can be disconnected for maintenance
    D. they seal to the CPVC on an O-ring. if your threaded connection leaks you can tighten the Sharkbite a little and it will rotate around the CPVC pipe. (no cutting and starting over)

    Home Depot has a good selection of 1" Sharkbites. The female connector is about $8.50 and looks like this:


    I use Sharkbites on exposed plumbing in my basement and have found them absolutely reliable and leak-free.
  8. Mikey

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    PVC female anything has to be installed carefully. I've had a 1" Fleck yoke adapter crack, and a 1x1x1/2"F Tee crack -- both plastic-into-plastic connections. Both were "professionally" installed by a guy with an 18" pipe wrench and no fear of using it, while bragging that his fittings never leaked. (In all fairness, they didn't leak -- until they failed.)

    I use a combination of Teflon tape, a wicked blue dope I've mentioned in other threads (Hercules BLOCK), and moderate torque when tightening. So far so good.

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  9. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    Yeah 3-4 wraps of Teflon tape and hand tight plus a turn or so with a wrench or pliers and stop. I've never had a leak or any break. And to make sch 80 PVC break takes a lot of effort.
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