water saving shower heads and faucet aeraters

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  1. rhodesjrsr

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    I've read the following information:

    Faucet Aeraters:
    1.5 gpm = up to 32% savings
    1.0 gpm = up to 54% savings
    0.5 gpm = up to 77% savings

    Shower Heads:
    When you switch out your old showerhead, your savings is simply the difference in the flow rates. Compared to 2.5 gpm, by selecting a new 1.75 gpm showerhead you will save 30%. Choose 1.5 gpm to save 40%, and 1.25 gpm to save 50%.

    I'm thinking about replacing showerheads and adding faucet aeraters to save on water used both at home and in rentals....

    Any thoughts or recommendations?
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    Not all showerheads are made equal. It can be a real pain getting shampoo out of your hair with much lower flow. If the heads are old, unrestricted, then yes, replace them. Otherwise, I'd probably forget it. Most newer faucets already have a fairly low flow, so changing the aereator, may not make much difference.
  3. rhodesjrsr

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    everything is original in this building... built in 1978... (except what we have changed -- and that doesn't include bathroom/kitchen filters)
  4. hj

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    shower heads

    Just be sure you do not bang your head against the wall when you try to get it under the shower head and rinse off, because the water is going to be falling straight down or so thin streams that you may get frustrated.
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