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  1. BacchusII

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    W NY State
    I'd like to relocate a water heater in the basement and eliminate use of an existing flue. I'm considering an American brand direct vent / power direct vent and wondered if anyone has any experience w/ their units. I'm surprised a pricey unit like these are only 6 yr warranty?!
    ALso wondering whether the premium $ to go with the exterior combustion air supply is advisable. My thought is to avoid cold air infiltration prevalent in NE winters would keep the basement shop / laundry more comfortable. I'm guessing the power vent only will extract more air than the current gravity vent up the flue and result in a colder basement in winter than the current set up - any thoughts or comments??
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  2. jadnashua

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    Check the spec sheet...I thought those used a double pipe - it doesn't use any air from inside - burner air in one pipe, exhaust out the other. Wouldn't be the first time I was wrong, though. They are usually rated as being more energy efficient,and you might qualify under the new federal program for a tax credit that might help offset some price difference. My unprofessional opinion.
  3. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    It has been a few years since I bought a direct vent. What Kind of $$ have you been quoted.

    Yes the power vents mix room air with the exaust to make it cool enough to vent through PVC.

    Can you bring in combustion air from anywhere?
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  4. brad white power vent

    get the Brad White power vent

    you can get it with a 10 year tank warranty

    they seem to be about the best out there

    Rheem is ok but very large....

    Stay away from A O. Smith, and State, they wont last 6 years/
  5. BacchusII

    BacchusII New Member

    W NY State
    If I read the tax info correctly the only whater heaters that qualify for tax credit are those w/ energy coefficient of 0.8 or greater - basically tankless types. The units I've looked at come both ways power vent only or power vent w/ exterior combustion air. Price difference (American thru Lowes) is approx $500 vs $800.
  6. Live and learn

    Go ahead and buy that American water heater power vent

    from Lowes and you will live to regret it...
    American makes the absolute

    worst water heaters available today....

    Might I suggest you find a GE power vent or Richmond Power vent??

    They are made by Rheem
  7. ss3964spd

    ss3964spd New Member

    I have a Rheem PV WH installed in my home. It does not use outside air for combustion but does exhaust through standard PVC by mixing.

    Not sure when it was installed but it's been there for at least the six years that we've been there.

    I've had two controller modules fail but that's it. The exhaust fan on my unit is pretty loud but I understand that newer models have a much quieter system.

    If you are irritated by noisy appliances ensure that the intake/exhaust pipes do not contact any framing members, and hang them with something flexible, thus ensuring vibrations are not transfered to the house framing.

  8. BacchusII

    BacchusII New Member

    W NY State
    Master Plumber Mark??


    Appreciated your comments - I did go with the Bradford power vent thru the wall unit. It's in!! I find that the hot / cold bypass / check valve I had previously installed in a remote bath isn't working like it used to - takes a long time to get HW to the bath. I'm willing to sacrifice efficiency for convenience of having how water relatively soon - is there a relatively easy way to remove / defeat the anto siphon feature on the Bradford??

  9. toolaholic

    toolaholic General Contractor Carpenter

    Marin Co. Ca.
    ao smith power shot

    we had serious floods n years in marin co. ca. i pulled one soggy ao smith,
    fairly new, power shot w.h. with the same 50 gal unit.
    this was my 1st power shot. i did like the didgital lights for temp. settings

    also ,i liked the auto elec. pilot liteing feature. sorry to hear this wasen't the best choice Mark. i value your experiance and will purchace B. W. in the future. my question , is there a certin condition where you would use the power vent and pvc over conventional? thank's in advance. ps i paid around $ 768 at the supply house. did i get ripped?
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