Water Heater Location?

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  1. Michael McCann

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    I am moving my water heater to the opposite side of my house located in the laundry room. From what I have read on this thread I'm guesing it would be best to set the water heater on the opposite end of the laundry room away from the dryer and laundry chemicals?
  2. Gary Swart

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    That's especially true if it is a gas heater. I don't think electric heater are that prone to problems of lint since all of the heating elements are enclosed in the tank body.
  3. jadnashua

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    chlorine fumes from the laundry, if it becomes part of the combustion air can eat it up since between the moisture from combustion and the heat it can make HCl, hydrochloric acid. Lots of WH last a long time in that location, but it can be problematic under the right conditions. Most condensing furnaces specifically state to keep the intake air away from things like the dryer exhaust (which will concentrate the bleach if you don't have a washer that does a good rinse job). Make sure to keep the dryer filter clean and seal the joints in the exhaust to minimize lint.
  4. kordts

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    If it's an FVIR heater with the plastic screen, you need to clean it on a weekly basis. It will clog with lint.
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