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  1. Roccoo

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    I have just replaced the expansion tank on my water heating system a few months ago.It is the third expansion tank in 18 yrs. I noticed the other day that it was a little moist near two small areas around the middle of the tank.Should I be concerned with this;and I do have hard water in my area is there any way to help that situation out.Also is there anything I can do to leak proof the middle of the tank.What do you suggest I do?
  2. plumbergreg

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    Ontario, Canada
    Precharged tanks wear out, I doubt it has anything to do with your water quality, but if you just installed a new one and it's leaking; even slightly, take it back for a replacement.
  3. Gary Swart

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    Yakima WA
    Yes, you should be concerned about any leaks, however it may not be from the tank. It would be easy to check the tank. It was pre charged with air. Use a tire gauge to check the air pressure now. If the tank is leaking, the air pressure is gone. If the air pressure is where you charged it, then the leak is elsewhere.
  4. hj

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    If the leak is below the bellows, then the water would leak, but the air would not, so that is not a reliable diagnostic. If the water is on the tank, and there is no "track" showing that it came from somewhere else, return the tank for a new one.
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