Water Heater Burner Knocks out Pilot...

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  1. Waldo_vt

    Waldo_vt New Member

    Hello All

    Well my gas water heater pilot light will not stay lit and I did a bit of investigating and I think I found the problem but I do not know how to fix it. Apparently when the burner comes on the pilot light goes out. After lighting the pilot I will slowly turn the temperature know up until the burner lights. Then when I turn the temperature know down the burner shuts off but the pilot is out. When lite the pilot flame is a good strong blue with some slight orange hitting the tip of the thermocouple.

    What can I do?

    Thanks again.
  2. Gary Swart

    Gary Swart In the Trades

    Yakima WA
    New thermocoupler.
  3. Waldo_vt

    Waldo_vt New Member

    New Thermocouple

    Thanks but I have already replaced the thermocouple.
  4. toolaholic

    toolaholic General Contractor Carpenter

    Marin Co. Ca.
    adjust the pilot lite flame up higher, if possible

    some gas appliances have a small ajusting screw. look on the regulator out front. also tighten, if necessary the small pilot fitting going in to same control
  5. thezster

    thezster New Member

    Fort Collins, Colorado
    Had a similar problem last year - it required replacing the thermocoupler - twice....... first one was defective...

    Though it sounds as if the burner lighting up is blowing out the pilot - and it's not re-lighting
  6. New gas teromstat

    the high limit switch is burnt out in the gas thremostat.

    they cannot be repaired ,
    and arent meant to be messed with
    so you need a whole new gas thermostat

    costs about 65 bucks...

    what brand of water heater is it???

    if you got a whirlpool, it might be trouble...

    a small tip

    remember to turn water off first before unscrewing valve..
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  7. Waldo_vt

    Waldo_vt New Member


    Yes you are correct the burner lighting up is blowing out the pilot and it is not re-lighting.


    Why do you think the high limit switch is burnt out in the gas thremostat? I thought that a burn out high limit switch would keep the burner and pilot from even lighting up? BTW it unit is a very basic 40gallon shorty State Select water heater ~8-9 years old.

    Thanks you for the responses
  8. I see it every day

    Again I ask


    If the thermocoupling wont work its just the next step..to try...

    ----barring some exotic vent problem
    you see once in a blue moon... or

    you could have a bad orfice in the burner assembly,
    but usually we only see that kind of problem it the unit
    has been under water

    you got to just assume its the hermostat that is the problem..

    They cant be repaired
    so you just got to trust that its the problem....
    it cant be anything else, cause their isnt anything
    else it can be

    we just went down this road today....with a Bradford White unit

    changed out a thermocoupling a few weeks ago now its
    going out again....sent one of my guys down ther ewith
    a thermostat and changed it out....

    its all trial and error.. good luck...
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  9. Waldo_vt

    Waldo_vt New Member

    Thank for the help


    The unit is a "State Select" shorty 40 gallon water heater.

    Thanks again
  10. Now---how Old?????

    Is the unit a pre-2003 water heater or the new
    sealed combustion type.....
    with the sparkey push button type

    If it is the newer style with the sealed combustioin feature
    you got troubles.....

    they are trouble

    get the serial number off the unit, it should tell you how old it is
  11. jadnashua

    jadnashua Retired Defense Industry Engineer xxx

    New England
    He indicated it was 8-9 years old. It might be more cost effective to replace it...it's on it's last legs in all likelyhood. My unprofessional opinion.
  12. RioHyde

    RioHyde Plumber

    Cincinnati, Ohio
    I'm with Jadnashua. Since its 8-9 years old and giving you that much of a headache replace it before it soaks you.
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