water flows into bathtub

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    I am alone and don't understand much in the plumbing field, but I will try to explain as much as I can. I don't have a cellar, my home is on a concrete slab without a crawl space there. Next to the bathroom in the hall is a type of closet where the washer and dryer are. The washer empties out into a pipe that is in the ground. That's where the hose goes. Usually when I shower the bathtub fills up slightly with water and I am figuring it is from the gung from the washer I guess. I have used Draino the crystals and it has helped it some but not all the way. The problem is when I wash and the washer rinses the water comes into my tub and then just empties out again. I can't put a lint catcher in the pipe. I have tried that and the water backs up out of it. Can you put drain cleaner in the pipe that is used for the washer? Why does the water come up into the tub on the rinse cycle like that? The toilet, bath sink, kitchen sink are all fine. I really need help and cant afford a plumber right now. Do you have a good drain cleaner I can use. I used the liquid Draino last time and it didnt do as good as the crystals and cant find them now
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    Try calling a plumber to snake the line clear.
    The drain cleaner isn't cutting the mustard and seldom does.
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    Sometimes you get lucky with a typical DIY'er snake, but often, they just punch a hole through a clog. A pro snake with a proper cutting head can clean the inside of the pipe to almost new condition.
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    All chemicals do, if they work at all, is open the smallest opening necessary so the chemical can continue to drain down the pipe. They also help the manufacturer make money, which is really all he is concerned about.
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