water flowing from shower head without diverter pulled up

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    I am having a trouble trying to repair my shower.When I turn on the water about 75% of the water flow comes out the shower head,and 25% comes out of the faucet,without the diverter pulled up.I replaced it with a new faucet and diverter and no change.I pulled the new faucet off so just the copper pipe was exsposed,turned on the water and the same flow.Any ideas?
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    If this is a new problem, look for things that have changed, First suspect is to check the house water pressure . If it it too high, it could cause that problem.

    If it has always worked this way, the shower valve could have been installed upside down, or the piping arrangement for the spout and shower head could be incorrect, too small pipe, etc.
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    In spout diverter systems, the outlet of shower/tub valve is connected to both the shower outlet and the tub, usually with an internal connection. When the water is being sent to the tub, the only pressure available is the height of the water in the pipe to the shower outlet.

    If the system has always been like that, it may be that the control valve is installed too high. That increases the resistance to the tub outlet and decreases the height to the shower outlet.

    If it is a recent problem, then the tub piping or spout may be plugged or restricted. You could take the spout off (usually just unscrews) and run some water to see if it gets cleared. Also, check to see if anything is caught in the diverter.

    If the installation is a problem, you might get a shower head valve that would let you turn off the shower flow. There are some that are just a "push button" that is easily closed and opened.
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