water cuts of when hot?

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  1. jz4379

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    Hot water issue

    I have just moved in to a house that was build in 2003. We have hot water every where in the house but, the master bath tub. The shower and 2 sinks in the master have hot water. When I turn on the water to the bath its fine when it on cold but, the further I turn it to the hot water side it cut off. I have cleaned the valves already, any ideas to help me out.

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  2. jimbo

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    stuck balancing spool.
  3. jz4379

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    What is a stuck balancing spool? how do you fix it??

  4. jadnashua

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    To meet federal requirements, most valves today have what is called a pressure balance valve...this keeps the actual balance of hot to cold the same (or at least close) if say someone flushes a toilet or changes the flow or balance between the hot and cold supplies.

    To do this, most use a sliding valve (spool valve)- nominally, it is centered and lets both hot and cold supplies flow unrestricted. If it gets stuck at one end, it will be blocking some or all of the flow. It depends on the brand how to remove it. Sometimes you can clean it, add some plumber's grease, and it will work like new, sometimes you need to replace it. You'd have to know the brand and model for further info. Often, you can find parts breakdown on the manufacturer's website, but you need to know the brand first. Post a picture, and maybe someone can help.
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