Water conditioner or softener?

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  1. shall

    shall New Member

    We have just installed a jacuzzi tub with air blower. Our water, here in the Sacramento, CA Valley is hard and leaves lots of scaling deposits every where.

    Has any one had experience with magnetic wave water conditioners? I read that the magnetic field will do something to the water molecules so that the deposits would disappear or be much less.

    Want to lessen the deposits in the new tub and new tankless water heater if possible.
  2. markts30

    markts30 Commercial Plumber

    Phoenix, AZ
    Only thing the magnets will make disappear is your money....
  3. get a real water conditoiner

    get the real kind of softerner

    like a CLACK

    and stay away from those magnetic scams...
  4. jadnashua

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    Your tankless water heater will last much longer and work better if you soften the water. Just like the bottom of your teapot, your tankless will lime up, decreasing flow and efficiency.
  5. shall

    shall New Member

    Water conditiioner or softener?

    Thank you for the responses, Suspicions confirmed---magnetics don't cost anything to operate so I guess you could not expect them to do anything. Always want something for nothing and I guess this is one of those situations where if it sounds too good to bre true it probably is.

    Will look at the CLACK and other options.

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