Want to add new insulation to basement

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    I've framed my basement and now need to add insulation.

    I've read one book that says to put up fiberglass batts and then install a plastic vapor barrier. I'm told by other sources that this method encourages mold and is no longer the preferred method.

    Another book I have says the "new method" is to put up foam insulation panels right up against the concrete walls, and then put up the studs in front of it. Well, since I've already framed, it's too late for this.

    What would you guys recommend I do now? It's so confusing to know who is right.
  2. climate and construction

    factors determining the right way to do it are: your climate, and how the building was built.

    Foam is both a vapor barrier and insulation. Foam is recognized as a smart way to insulate. Read the current version of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Building_insulation_materials

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    Need more info

    Can you be more specific?

    "Foam" covers about half of the Wiki page you linked to. Which type of foam are you recommending?
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  4. no i cannot. All foam is good. You can buy the cheapest.

  5. Using your same skills that brought you here, websearching, in general, before EACH time you post a new post, you do some homework and background work and searching and thinking and reflecting, and you get some information and / or answers somewhere else or at least from othre threads here -- and then you share this while you ask for new input.

    Also, you answer the questions others asked you to answer.

    I mentioned climate, and it is good to know this info, and more. E.g. is the basement wet or dry. The more you provide, the more likely it is that you will get the right info in return.

    Doing this will encourage senior participants to keep coming back to read each new post, and to help you in many ways.

    My opinion, which I have not tried to turn into a "policy".

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    There are many factors that can come into play here, and you might consider calling out an insulation saleman/engineer/estimator from a reputable company to do an assessment.

    In my own experience, basements tend to be damp, especially during summers, and I deal with that dampness (condensation) in my own basement by using a dehumidifier ... and that can even help with a dampness problem of water actually coming in through block walls ... and no "vapor barrier" is ever going to eliminate either.

    Think of a raincoat as a "vapor barrier" to protect your clothes underneath, then ask yourself what you are trying to "protect" in your basement, and just how you are also going to deal with the "rain" on the other side of that barrier ... then imagine your house going swimming while wearing a raincoat.

    Personally, I say just forget the "coat" (barrier) and dehumidify!
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