Wall mounted sink faucet question

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  1. aw

    aw New Member

    Is a wall mounted sink faucet required to have shut off valves? Couldn't this be considered similar to a shower faucet?
  2. jadnashua

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    New England
    No valves are required to have a shutoff (that I know of, but I'm not a pro), it's just a lot easier when it needs service - you dont' have to shut the entire house down for maybe an extended time to fix it.
  3. kingsotall

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    Only reason why, IMHO,most shower valves don't have shutoff valves is that there would be no access to them without some doing that most would consider unnecessary labor.
    Include shutoffs with your wall mounted sink. Why do you ask, now that we are on the subject¿
  4. aw

    aw New Member

    per the most recent IRC, all fixtures require a shutoff valve.

    I started thinking about it and none of the wall mounted facuets I have seen have shutoff valves
  5. hj

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    Where would you put them if it is a sink on an open top, like most of them are?

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  6. kingsotall

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    Oh, duh... Thought this was a sink we were talking about. It's just like a potfiller above a range.
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