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    I have a microwave/range hood combo in my kitchen that was here when I bought the place. I did some reading and see that it can be converted from recirculating (worthless) to outside venting (yay). The unit is mounted on an exterior wall and it seems that the spot for the vent duct is between studs (yay again).

    So my question is what is the best type of cap (is that the right name?) for the outside of the duct? The unit is designed for a 3 1/4" x 10" duct.

    I looked around at my local box store (Home Depot) and they seemed confused about what I was asking for and when I finally found something I was worried because there is no screen or anything over the outside part. Seems like an invitation for birds nests or other things coming back in. Also the backdraft damper (or flap or whatever it is called) seemed marginal at best.


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    3 1/4 x 10 wall cap for sure. May I suggest you will not find the best quality products at HD or similar store? Specialty retailers that sell appliances/range hoods
    are a good bet, as are sheet metal fabricators/duct supply places. Handsome, sturdy wall caps are out there, believe me.
  3. DanMc

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    I agree that HD and similar don't seem to carry the highest quality products. It is frustrating because I figure I can pay now for something decent or pay later when I'm dealing with failures or marginal performance. I struck out with finding something better locally. Any experience with the products from luxurymetals.com? Those look a little more substantial and include a screen which the stuff at HD didn't.
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    I was also looking a few months ago. Bought one from luxurymetals. Cant say it was much better than the box store ones and seal is worthless.
    I know other poster said there are better ones out there. But I looked around a lot and could not find one. One reason is the flapper has to be very light weight for the fan to push it open.
    But I did find the very best dryer vent I think there is. Before I have been using the more expensive ones from seiho which was a commerical grade. All places it at the box store lowes for $20.00.
    Its a Imperial Model #: VTL0018 . Very heavy duty and very good seal with gasket.
    I wish they had made range hood vents.
    So for now would just get a Broan Model 639 vent if I needed one.
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