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  1. tanwood

    tanwood New Member

    We are thinking of putting in a walk-in bathtub in one of our bathrooms. What is a reliable, reasonably priced walk-in bathtub?
  2. leejosepho

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  3. tanwood

    tanwood New Member

    Unfortunately, the bathtub that is currently in there is one of those one piece fiberglass with the walls and enclosure. It is also not in good condition. It has to come out.
  4. jimbo

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    San Diego
    Think about 3 zeroes, preceded by a number in the 4 to 6 range. Is that cheap enough?

    Also think about that tub full of water, and you have to wait for it all to drain down before you can open the door and get out. Then maybe think about a roll-in shower for a wheelchair. That is the option I want for my golden years!
  5. hj

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    walkin tub

    I have only been involved with a couple of them, but one had to be removed and replaced when they could not get the door to seal properly.
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