Ventilation Fan Replacement - Size Problem

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    I am looking at replacing the NuTone 667RN ( currently installed in our shower. I removed the grill to see what size hole was already in our ceiling and found it to be massive compared to other fans I have looked at. The inside housing for the fan is 9x9, but the circular hole cut in the ceiling is a full 13 1/8 inches in diameter. Most of the replacement fans I had been looking at are square or rectangular holes and they are several inches smaller than what is already cut. What are my options here? If I find a fan motor that would fit inside the current housing, can I stick it in there and leave the existing grill to cover the hole in the ceiling? If not, are my only choices to either find a huge fan that would also cover this hole or to patch the ceiling around a smaller fan?

    Thanks in advance.

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