valve seat is stuck

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    I am new to this forum - and plumbing, for that matter...

    I am attempting to fix a leaky shower faucet - Kohler Niedecken

    I made it through the disassambly OK but I can't remove the cold water valve seat which is pretty well stripped at this point.

    Do the experienced plumbers out there have any tricks to help get this seat out?

    I left it in place and replaced all the other parts and the faucet is much improved, but still has a very slow leak...


  2. If the center for the valve seat tool has been stripped out, try tapping a small chisel into the hole to wedge it in just tight enough to turn it out with an adjustable wrench on the chisel. Try not to damage the valve body threads.
    (Spray the seat threads down with WD-40 and let it soak in first.)
    When you install the new seat, wrap a flat wrap of teflon tape on the new seat threads clockwise only as the threaded end faces you.
    Good Luck!
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