Utility Sink drain to Washer Standpipe-How to do?

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    Jun 3, 2011
    I have looked for a while to make sure I haven't seen any repeat posts, sorry if I failed: :cool:

    I want to add a utility sink, and drain it to my standpipe.

    Standpipe is 2" iron, open, and is now currently serving my washer in the basement with no problems.

    The washer effluent goes directly into the top of the standpipe, no fuss, no muss, no smells.

    I see no evidence of any venting in the standpipe, but I am assuming I do have a trap in the cement floor below grade.

    I am thinking:
    1) cut standpipe at "x" height
    2) install wye connector in pipe, connect utility sink to wye with "x" diameter PVC, no trap on utility; sink no more than "x" feet away
    3) now plumb hot/cold water to sink
    4) done

    "x" means I do not know what the dimensions should be.

    What am I missing?
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