using an overflow drain with a non-overflow sink?

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  1. chelsea

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    Mar 6, 2008
    I purchased 3 kohler bolero sinks that do not have overflow. I purchased 3 sets of faucets that all came with drains with overflow holes. In the installation instructions for my sinks, it says "Lavatory shall have a chrome plated brass tube and drain gasket to cover the overflow hole in the faucet drain assembly". I took this to mean there should be some parts with the sink to use to cover the overflow holes on the drains if need be - but there are no parts like that included with the sinks. (I did purchase the sinks on **** as open box items, so I was thinking maybe they were just lost).

    Is there some sort of item that I can purchase to cover the overflow holes in the drains, or do I just need to purchase new drains without overflow holes?

    Thanks! :)
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    All the overflow holes do is to allow water from on overflow (if present) into the drain pipe when the sink-drain plug is down. I believe you should be able to install just what you have without any problems from those holes below the plug.
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    This means there should be a short piece of tubing (chromed) that will act as a spacer under the bowl. It covers the holes in the tailpiece and allows the nut to tighten properly and seal the drain...
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