used up one of my 9 lives this weekend.....

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    satruday night, me and my 10 and 13 year old were out in the yard picking mulberries from a tree pictured in the first photo to the very far right ... pleasent evening

    we were standing at that wye in that tree when a wind blew up all of a sudden and toppled a rotten Ash treee down on us,,,,,
    anyway we heard a huge CRACK like a gun and we all knew what it was
    we had about 4 seconds to react and I scooted them away in the right direction.. WE stayed under the mulberry tree as we ran away from the sound....

    the mulberry tree ended up with a lot of broken branches which kept us
    from getting hit with the smaller branches...
    The tree actually raked down my left sholder and leg as it crashed into the ground...

    took out the power line to the home,

    I told my kids that they had just used up the first of their 9 lives..
    I am probably down to about 4 now...

    It was a zen moment......I had to stand there and think for a while
    about how lucky I was no one got hurt.
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  2. Ian Gills

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    You're no pussy.

    Everyone has these moments at one time or another.

    I sometimes think back to when I was seventeen driving a car full of other teenagers to a party. I was following another car full of teenagers. He turned left at a green light crossing a lane of traffic (the filter was not on) and I blindly followed. I saw a car skidding in my rear view mirror that must have missed me by a few feet. We all simply drove on.

    Don't live thinking about what-ifs. Life has several near misses. Fate either gets you, or it don't.
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  3. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona
    My NEXT one may be #9. I have had a brick wall collapse on me, twice locomotives almost took the front bumper off my vehicles, once almost went over the side of a bridge when the steering broke, knocked 20' to the ground off a flagpole, had to live wire part of an electrical panel in a flooded basement, repaired a sewer in a 24' deep "hole" with walls quivering like jelly, etc. And those are just some of the most memorable ones I can recall.
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  4. Cookie

    Cookie .

    Oh, that was very lucky, and to think the kids was there makes it all the more scary. I am so glad you guys werent hurt. You're a good dad.
  5. It can have me

    well fate can take me any time, I got about a million on me in
    life insurance.... so their will probably be a party....

    as long as it dont cripple or kill the kids , its ok....
  6. ballvalve

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    northfork, california
    A few years ago a oak tree limb of great size decided to fall just as an open air tour bus passed under it. Quite many dead tourists resulted.

    Go figure.
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