upstairs bathroom into sump pump

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  1. ysobored25

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    Hi all,

    I currently have an upstairs bathroom sink pvc line draining directly into the basement sump pump. The previous owner didn't want to fool around with the cast iron that fed directly into the sewer line so he went the other route of directing the pvc to the sump pump. Can anyone give an opinion if this is dangerous or not correct. I don't want to overtax the pump.

  2. jadnashua

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    I doubt that would ever pass an inspection...I think you should fix this.
  3. nothing new

    seen much worse, people dumping their laundry drains into the sump pump

    that went ouit into the back field.......

    it would be nice to change it someday, but being probably only a few gallons of water a day with toothpaste and mouthwash ect going into it its not a critical problem... put it on the something to do list

    but on the bright side, the sump pit probably smells "minty fresh"
  4. hj

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    If depends on where the sump pump is discharging. If it is connected to the sewer system, then it was a dumb idea, but it will work. If it goes into the yard then it was both a dumb idea and illegal.
  5. illegal things

    Once, on a farm, we ran into a situation where
    the old farmer just installed a large drum out into the back yard with a pipe off of it going down a few hundred yards away to the
    "gulley" ---- small stream.

    this was his version of a septic tank.....

    it had basically been dumping raw sewage out in the back 40 for years and years.

    Basically it was a trash heap with cars ect laying in it, you didnt hardly notice any smell.

    Eventually they wanted to sub divide the property.

    when the inspector did a sewage tank inspection, things got real ugly.
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