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  1. larryrmadden

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    I have a unfinished bath room project. The room is ground level with concrete floor and has drain for tub. My question is the opening is 67.5 with out dry wall and all the tubs I see are 60 inches. I am having a problem figuring this out . Any direction would be appreciated.

  2. Plumber111

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    Build a wall. :)
  3. hj

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    Build out a wall, but where you do it may depend on the location of the tub drain riser.
  4. jadnashua

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    Tubs generally come in 6" increments, so there are 5'6" tubs out there which might be more manageable, but more costly. Anything other than a 60" tub tends to cost more. Unless you are quite short, and you or someone in the house likes baths, those extra 6" are very welcomed!

    Personally, I have a 6' (72") tub, and would have really liked a 7' one, but there wasn't room without major modifications I wasn't willing to invest in in this house.
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