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    Without having to "special make" a spout stub that comes through the wall for the spout, how do you make the tub spout fit tight to the wall. The supply house has 1&1/2" and 2" stubs (nipples). When I twist on the new spout, when it is tight the spout points up and if I use the 1&1/2" stub, I am afraid it is not tight enough. Suggestions please.
  2. jimbo

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    One way is to make up a stub from a male adapter and a piece of copper pipe about 2" long. Then use the slip-on style of tub spout.
  3. Illtryonce

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    The spout came as thread on only. Maybe I will have to get somebody to make me a nipple @ 1 & 3/4 or 1 & 5/8.
  4. Illtryonce

    Illtryonce New Member

    I had one of those pre bended tub spout tubes ready to go until I found the out the spout was a thread model. Ouch.
  5. jadnashua

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    You can use copper pipe and solder the necessary threaded adapters on each end. Then you can get it the exact length you need. Now, figuring out that exact length can be a pain...
  6. I hope that you're not using galvanized nipples for a tub spout, because you will soon be getting a shot of rusty water every time that you turn on the tub. Go with copper only.
    However, you can solve your problem much easier than that. Just add an extra wrap or two of teflon tape to the male threads that the spout screws onto. You usually only need to use a couple of wraps of tape (clockwise only) on the male threads to seal it, but try 3-4 and experiment until you get the spout flush to the wall and pointing down as it should be.
    If you screw the spout on tight and have to remove it, replace the tape each time until you get it adjusted properly. You should be able to just hand-tighten the spout to get it fit right without marring it with a wrench.
    Good Luck!
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