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  1. msoto

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    I have a set screw tub spout, but the hex top broke off. So we cut the tub spout off starting farthest away from wall. It had a gray plastic tub attached to a copper pipe in the wall. However, When I opened the new one's it appears the Peerless one's are a screw on type, as there was no plastic interior even remotely resembling what I had. I looked at the box again and no where does it say it's screw on. I really like the combination that I have bought for the remodel of the bathroom and definitely don't like the other one I had as it was just plastic really cheap. Is there way I can modify my connection to make this tub spout work?

  2. kingsotall

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    I don't really understand but it sounds like you need to sweat solder a male adapter on to the stub.
  3. Redwood

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    Or use a slip on spout.
  4. kingsotall

    kingsotall Plunger/TurdPuncher

    They want this one Redwood.;)
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    If you are really lucky, you might be able to exchange the screw-on spout for the push-on version (they often make both, not sure on this one, didn't look). Otherwise, as noted, you'll have to solder on a threaded adapter. The trick is to get it in the proper position so the spout will tighten down with no gap at the wall and no leaks. It takes careful mesasurements, but is done all the time.
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