Tub Spout leaking

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  1. deox719

    deox719 New Member

    Hi all,

    My tub spout has a small drip leak. I would like to fix it before it gets worse. But not sure where to start, is the problem in the spout itself or the actual faucet.

  2. jimbo

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    Any water which gets to the spout is SUPPOSED to come out!!! SO, if it is dripping, it is the valve. If you could post a pic, or tell us what brand, we can offer more advice on how to fix it. Shower valves are not generally hard to fix. This is a good DIY project. The first step is identifying your model and getting some new parts.

    One handle/ or two or three?
  3. Does it leak continuously even when it's "off" or just when it may be diverted to the shower? Valve in the first instance, diverter in the second.
    Brand? Single handle or two (or three)? Could be washer(s), seats-and-springs, cartridge, or diverter.
    Either one, it should be an easy fix.
  4. deox719

    deox719 New Member

    Well I tried post a pic but was not successfull. I have it in My Documents but file to big.

    It is a single round crystal type handle. The make is a Delta.

  5. hj

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    You need to repair the faucet, it has nothing to do with the spout. How you repair it depends on which Delta model you have.
  6. deox719

    deox719 New Member

    tub spout

    here is the pic. of faucet.

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